About Us

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Wearable tech has long been the domain of early tech adopters but hasn’t always been accessible due to affordability for some. As three young entrepreneurs from Adelaide, Australia we are gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign to introduce the mainstream population to smart rings, at a lower price than any of our global predecessors.

Meet our first product Elppy™ – the smartring which is both affordable and useful to the everyday user, and which has unlimited possibilities in use, with it’s built in swipe, control and bluetooth enabled hardware.

We believe the Elppy™ smartring will be as useful to an active wear Mum who spends a good deal of her day running around after the kids but who always loves a go on the treadmill listening to her favourite music; as it will be to accomplished professional speakers who would love to wear a smart ring which will allow them to control their multimedia from stage, rather than than be at the mercy of a sound desk, or hold a clunky 1990s powerpoint clicker.

But the really exciting thing about this product is its affordability. A limited allocation of smartrings will be going for as low as $22USD when our crowdfunding campaign is launched in late May, which will make it accessible to the mainstream who may not have previously had access to wearable tech.

There are many practical applications for the Elppy™ smartring and we’ve only just begun to explore what these might be.

What is really exciting is that because it uses bluetooth technology, it’s virtually compatible with any technology that you can pair with bluetooth, so we’re sure once people start using it, they will no doubt discover many more applications to use the ring, and it will become a must-have device that goes everywhere with them.

Another great feature of the Elppy™ smart ring is its long battery life. We are estimating it will last up to two years from normal daily use (1-2 hours per day of active use).

The product will be available on our crowdfunding campaign in three colours – black, blue and green and we are hoping to raise $65,000USD.

About the Founders

AARON MOHTAR – Co-founder and CEO

With a PHD in electronic engineering and over eight years of research work at Flinders University, Aaron Mohtar founded Elppy™ to make a larger, more direct and practical difference to everyday people’s life.

Adelaide born, but completing his high school diploma in Lebanon, since completing his degree and then PHD, Aaron has worked a Senior Research Associate at Flinders University in Adelaide.

In this role he is directly involved in the research, development and evaluation of medical devices including anti-suffocation pillows, handheld cancer problems and post operative rehabilitation devices. He thrives on seeing the devices he has designed make it to the commercialization process and contributing to the medical industry.

Aaron has been recognised with awards, media coverage and other accolades for his work, including first prize at the 2014 Flinders University Enterprise Workshop gala for his team’s outstanding entrepreneurial and business acumen, and being accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for Elppy™ (formerly known as swyper) which he co-founded with Belinda Wade and Greg Stevens.

See his Linkedin profile at: https://au.linkedin.com/in/aaronmohtar

GREG STEVENS –  Co-founder & R&D Manager

Greg Stevens has been building various innovative non-commercial products with his Grandpa since he was 10.

Today he is a product development engineer and businessman driven to develop profitable solutions. He loves working on innovative products and services, and is a strong believer of complete user-experience orientated design that is passionate about product, scalability, sustainability, aesthetics and form; business analysis, development and improvement and process generation and optimisation.

His career highlights include winning the 2014 Enterprise Workshop challenge and being accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for elppy (formerly known as swyper) which he co-founded with Belinda Wade and Aaron Mohtar; developing a wireless mesh network to help paramedics within the festival industry for my first start-up WiFindUs and designing the tram stop benches for the North Terrace to Entertainment Centre tram extension upgrade project for Street & Park Furniture in Adelaide. He was awarded a University and Engineering Medal for his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and is currently interested in wearable devices, wireless devices, biomedical devices, asset management software, heating products and systems, entrepreneurship.

See his Linkedin profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greg-stevens-4237b059

BELINDA WADE – Co Founder and Marketing Manager

Like her co-founders at elppy.com, Belinda has shown entrepreneurial tendencies from a young age. At age 10 years old, her and a friend picked all her parents lemons, cut all her neighbours flowers, loaded everything into a wheelbarrow and took it to the local nursing home where they sold lemons and flowers to the old folks for a tidy profit.

Belinda Wade moved on from lemons and flowers, graduating with a Bachelor of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at Flinders University and also has a Graduate Certificate of Management (Technology Management) from La Trobe University. Since graduating she has worked in variety of business development roles and has been the Business Development Manager of an analytical facility with state of the art mass spectrometry equipment providing services to research and industry at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Flinders University in Adelaide for the past five years.

Apart from developing new products, Belinda has also been busy developing children. She is the mum of Sam 9 yearrs, Hudson 7 yearrs, and is currently 24 weeks pregnant.

She was thrilled to be accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for elppy (formerly known as swyper) which she co-founded with Aaron Mohtar and Greg Stevens.

See her Linkedin profile at: https://au.linkedin.com/in/belindawade