Meet Elppy™

Bluetooth ring

Elppy™ is a useful and affordable bluetooth smart ring which allows you to have control over multiple bluetooth enabled devices – simply connect, swipe, and control.

Skip tracks without missing a beat

Love to work out? There’s no need to stop to play, skip or replay a track now. Use your Elppy™ ring and keep going!

Highly affordable

At just a fraction of the price of our competitors, the purchase of an elppy ring is a no brainer!

Swipe Control

Control your presentations with a swipe Are you a professional speaker? Or just need to do a presentation at work and want to avoid the 1990s remote control? Use Elppy™ instead!


Elppy’s highly durable housing is resilient and scratch, bump, water and drop resistant!

Take the perfect family selfie
No need for awkward selfie sticks. Just use your Elppy™ ring to discreetly take a photo!

Adjustable finger strap

elppy accommodates fingers with range of diameters from 13 to 25 mm (circumference from 40.8 to 78.5mm). If this size range does not suit you, please contact us.

No Need to Recharge
Most competitors require regular recharging. Not elppy! elppy has an estimated battery life of 2 years with a 1-2 hour a day useage.

Comfortable for everywhere

Made with lightweight elastomer, Elppy sits comfortably on your finger, resilient to sweat and safe from slipping during even the most vigorous activity.

Elppy is compatible with Windows, OS X, Android and iOS devices and have reported no compatibility issues.

Two modes
1. Multimedia/Selfie mode (single LED flash) or 2. Presentation mode (double LED flash).

Colour selection
Back our crowdfunding campaign and make color choices via a separate survey that we’ll send around at the end of the campaign so you get the color you want!